How to Upgrade Your Toilet With a Handheld Bidet Sprayer

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  • 5-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-400
What You'll Need
Teflon tape
Pair of pliers
Wall bracket
Long PVC hose
One-way valve
Sprayer with trigger
Standard T-adapter
Adjustable wrench

A hand held bidet sprayer is a very useful upgrade for you toilet and bathroom area. It enhances health for both men and women, although many Americans think that bidets are used only by women. This misconception was started by U.S. soldiers after World War II. Most often, bidet sprayers are installed in small bathrooms where there is not enough space to install an ordinary bidet.

Bidet sprayers originated from Asian countries such as Japan and India. They do not make use of the traditional toilet paper, but utilize bidet sprayers instead. Bidet sprayers are mostly used to clean the genital and rectal areas, but they can also help you to refresh yourself and disinfect sensitive parts of your body after a surgical operation.

Step 1 - Turning Off the Water Supply and Getting Started

Switch off the power supply right at the start, then remove the water valve.

Step 2 - Fixing the T-valve With Teflon Tape

Fix the T-valve into the water line and seal it with Teflon tape to avoid leaks. Keep in mind that if your water line is a pipe made of unthreaded brass, you need to put a compression nut first before adjusting the valve.

Step 3 - Fixing the Bracket and the Sprayer

Fasten the bracket against the wall as a holder for the bidet sprayer. Now connect the nozzle of the sprayer to the PVC hose. It is important that the sprayer is equipped with a pressure and flow control button. Place the black rubber washer onto the metal mesh before you fix the hose and tighten it.

Step 4 - Joining the Water Line With the T-valve

Join the water line of the toilet back with the T-valve and seal it again with Teflon tape.

Step 5 - Linking the Bidet Sprayer to the T-valve

Attach the hand bidet sprayer to the other end of the T-valve and use some tape to seal it. Add the black rubber washer first. You can utilize a pair of pliers or an adjustable wrench to confirm that the washer is tightened securely.

Step 6 - Restoring the Water Supply and Checking for Leaks

Switch on the water supply and check whether the unit is working properly. Inspect the area leaks and tighten it if necessary.

The advantages of installing a hand held bidet sprayer to your toilet are many; you do not need to call a professional plumber to do the job for you. You can install the upgrade yourself without paying a lot of money. The bidet sprayer has the same functions of a full-size bidet unit.