Upholstery with Vinyl

Choosing to perform upholstery with vinyl is a good choice because the material, made from processed resin, is durable and it resists stains and burns. It’s very affordable, it’s waterproof, and the choices that come with using vinyl are vast. Here are some advantages to using vinyl, whether you are upholstering a sofa or kitchen chair.

Vinyl Comes in an Array of Hues and Designs

Vinyl is available in an abundance of colors and patterns. If you are looking for a basic solid color like black, red, yellow or tan, you can find it in vinyl. Maybe you are looking for something with texture. Well, vinyl offers alligator and snake skin looks, the appearance of raised bubbles and brushed aluminum choices. Maybe you are even looking to recreate the 1970s in your rec room. If you want to reupholster some bar stools, you can opt for a bright, sparkling vinyl that will bring back the days of roller disco. When using vinyl, the variety is there.   

    Vinyl is Less Expensive than Leather

    In appearance, vinyl is similar to leather, but it doesn’t cost as much. If you were hoping to use leather for an upholstery project but can’t afford it, use vinyl instead.

    Vinyl is Durable

    Vinyl will not tear easily, it doesn’t stain easily, and its sheen will not wear off, either. You can use vinyl for years without having to replace it, unlike using cloth, which will show wear and tear almost immediately.  Additionally, if the vinyl does become  seriously damaged; let’s say someone dropped a lit cigarette onto its surface, you can purchase vinyl repair kits to repair the burn hole. Not many other materials can boast that.

    Vinyl is Waterproof

    Another advantage to using vinyl is that if you spill a little water on it, or if your car interior is vinyl and you leave the window down during a rainstorm, it won’t matter! If you have a child in the house who spills juice sometimes, that’s not a problem, either. You just need to soak up whatever liquid the vinyl encounters and your item will look great again.

    Vinyl is Easy to Clean

    When cleaning vinyl, all you need is some mild soap and a small amount of water. Simply brush the soiled area with some soap and let it set in for a few moments. Then, moisten a cotton cloth or the like and wipe off the soap. Your vinyl should now be clean. Do not use anything with a lot of chemicals in it; doing so could actually harm vinyl material. If you have a newly upholstered vinyl chair or couch and you are extra worried about potential damage, you can use a plastic slipcover on top of it and then you will have to treat the vinyl less often.

    All around, vinyl is a great investment.  You can use it in anything, from a car’s interior to an ottoman, reclining chair or even a pillow. The next time you take on an upholstery project, vinyl might be your material of choice.