Use A Stud Finder Properly

There will be several times when you will need to use a stud finder. Many of the home improvement projects that involve hanging anything from the wall, cutting into the wall, or adding onto the wall will locating studs before you begin. Stud finders can do this easily when you know how to use one properly.

Check Batteries
In order to get a good reading on the wall, make sure the batteries are good. Many times people struggle with using a stud finder because the batteries are old.

Clean Wall of Any Obstructions
Before using the stud finder, take some time to remove any furniture, pictures, mirrors, or shelves from the wall or infront of it. They can all interfere with the reading of the stud finder.

Hold Flat Against Wall
A stud finder will not get a good reading if only half of it is making contact with the wall. Hold it completely flat against the wall so that both the top and bottom contacts are touching the wall.

Start to the Left
Place the stud finder on the wall to the left of the area you want to locate.

Calibrate Stud Finder

Press the button until the stud finder stops beeping. This means that it is ready to use and has been calibrated to find the studs in your wall.

Mark Edges of Studs

As you move the stud finder along the wall, it will beep on each edge of the stud. Mark these so you know where they are.