How to Use a Foot Locker as Room Decor

antique wood chest with top open

A wide variety of items can be turned into a fashionable way to add storage to any room without looking cheap. This article will show you how to use a foot locker as décor in a room, and make use of the handy space for additional storage capacity.

A chest is often a great alternative to bulkier furniture and can be a great idea for a small room, such as a dorm room or child’s room. These decorative, sturdy boxes can hold a wide variety of items. Some lock, and the key should be kept in a safe place if valuables are stored inside.

If a combination lock is used, make sure to store the combination in a safe place so that you can remember the combination but others will not find it.

Using a foot locker as décor in a room is simple, and often fits or complements the décor of the rest of the room. They can be purchased with a very wide variety of wood finishes, paint schemes, metallic finishes, or makeup, and inside can be customized with padding for breakables or valuables that need extra protection.

Some offer an added bonus tray for storing smaller items, such as jewelry pieces, that should be kept separate from other stored items.

The foot locker doesn't have to match the décor of the room exactly, but can instead be used as a focal point in any room. An antique foot locker makes a great conversation piece, and can be used as an heirloom item for added value.

Express personality with customized shades, or add your own touches by using stickers, sketches, paint, or other mediums for adding decorative accents. In this way, no matter where you go, you have something that makes any room feel like home.

Storage can be added to almost any room of the house with the foot locker. Because they are very sturdy, most can even be used as a type of bench seat or window seat in rooms that offer limited seating, but be wary of the lid’s weight limit to avoid breaks, dents, or cracks.

Most people choose to use a foot locker for storage in the bedroom or living room, but they can easily be used in a dining room, garage, attic, or even the bathroom for storing a variety of items.

In addition to the inside storage capacity, a foot locker can be used as a footrest, or as a handy place for a lamp. With a simple throw blanket, you can hide a bulky or old-fashioned foot locker without losing valuable storage space.

The piece becomes a different piece, much like a small, low table, and can be a great place for keeping books, a lamp, pictures, a vase with flowers, candles, or faux candles.

With decorative accents that suit almost any décor, use a foot locker to create something unique but functional in any room. Adding valuable storage space is essential, especially in smaller rooms, and a foot locker can be the best way to accomplish several tasks with one versatile piece.

From a bench seat to a small closet, a foot locker offers many different uses in one handy and attractive package without costing a ridiculous amount of money.