Use Galvanized Wire for a Inexpensive Trellis

wire fencing used as a trellis
  • 1-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-150

When deciding to build a trellis for vines in a garden, one way to save money is to use galvanized wire instead of building the entire trellis entirely using wood. Wood is quite an expensive material to use and doesn’t stand up to the elements well. Galvanized wire does not easily succumb to the damaging effects of weather because it is made of metal. Unlike wood, it does not rot and surely does not wear out so easily.

Why Build a Trellis?

Trellises are very important when planting vines in the garden because they provide a mesh or outdoor frame for plants to climb. Trellises can be simple or complex depending on the preferred design. They can be made near a wall or can be set up on a support. When the trellis is set up, the vines climb up on the frame to provide a beautiful sight for the garden. The trellises can also be made on a wall in order to allow the vines to cover it with its leaves and stems.

What Materials Should Be Used for Trellises

Trellises can be made out of pressurized wood, wrought iron, vinyl, copper and other sturdy material. However, not all of these materials come cheap. One cheap option to use is galvanized wire because it can withstand the weight of the vines when properly set up, can withstand the test of time, and can be bought at a very low price. In addition, galvanized wire can be made into a wide framework of trellises without spending too much money.

However, galvanized wire may also need some support in order to be set up. The support can either be made of wood or metal rods or bars. But with the use of wires, the need for these expensive materials can be made minimal.

Designing the Trellis

Galvanized wire trellises can be made into different designs and styles. First of all, the design for a specific trellis will depend on where it will be set up. It can be set up just in front of a wall or as a free-standing structure provided with support at any point in the garden. The galvanized wire can be hooked onto a wall to form a trellis framework or wound up in a ready made support set up in the garden.

The design of the trellis will also depend on the type of vine to be planted. If the vines grow very small tendrils, then the grid will have to have wires that are very close to each other. When the vines are sturdy and quite heavy, then the spacing on the grid should be wider. In addition, the galvanized wire should also be doubled for added strength.

Before building any trellis for the garden, make sure to come up with a draft of it first. Simply sketch it on a paper and determine the size, height, width, spacing and type of support to be used. It can also be designed as a fence for added function.