Used Diving Boards: Safety Checklist

Shopping for used diving boards is an excellent strategy for obtaining a quality diving board for your pool without spending a lot of money. While most used diving boards on the market are well maintained, others have been neglected and may not be safe. Before purchasing a used diving board, take the time to inspect it according to the following criteria.

Safety Checklist

  1. If the diving board is made out of wood, check it for signs of dry rot, warping, cracking or splintering.
  2. If the diving board is made out of plastic or fiberglass, check it for signs of sun peeling, cracking or dry rot.
  3. Verify that the owner has the instruction manual.
  4. Use the instruction manual to verify that all of the necessary equipment is included.
  5. Check all bolts, nuts and screws for signs of stripping or rust.

Taking these precautions will help ensure that you purchase a safe, well-maintained used diving board you will enjoy for many years to come.