Useful Hot Tub Spa Cover Temporary Fixes

Hot tub with cover folded back
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20

If you’ve got a hot tub, you’ve probably got a hot tub spa cover. They are quite useful, saving you energy by keeping heat in when not in use and keeping dirt out. If your hot tub is outside and susceptible to extreme weather conditions, the cover can incur damage over time. Sometimes you just can’t afford to have it fixed professionally or you haven’t got the time to send it away for repairs, but you can repair your cover temporarily with a couple of strong materials and a proper maintenance schedule.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a common material used to repair hot tub spa covers. It is not a permanent fix but it will do the job. First, buy duct tape in a color that matches your hot tub cover. They come in such a variety of colors nowadays it shouldn’t be overly difficult to find a similar hue. Next, remove the cover from the hot tub and allow it to fully dry. If it is a soft cover, make sure both sides are entirely dry before applying the duct tape. If it is a hard cover and you don’t want to remove the Styrofoam insides of the cover in order to apply the duct tape to two sides, you can make your repair to just one side.

Postal Mailing Tape

row of colorful duct tape rolls

Sometimes the inner plastic vapor barrier can get holes in it. If that happens, water gets in and the foam cores inside absorb the water. This will cause the cover to become heavier and heavier, eventually causing wear and little tears. Postal mailing tape can be used to patch up the holes before they become a nuisance. Be sure to drain the water out of the cover first and make sure it is good quality mailing tape.


Maintenance is another one of those fixes for hot tub covers that is somewhat temporary. Season after season, you’ve got to do it again but it’s worth it in the end because it’ll help you to avoid more costly fixes. Dirt can be very abrasive on hot tub covers, wearing away at the vinyl topcoat, the seams, the fold and the stitching. Mildew growing on dirty fabric will cause damage as well because it will root into the fabric.

Having a proper maintenance schedule is key. In the spring, clean and do a maintenance check on your hot tub spa cover. Halfway through summer, when you’re most likely using it more often, do another cleaning and maintenance check. In the fall, before you store the cover and hot tub away, make sure to check your cover over for any repairs it might need.

Clean the cover with regular soap, some hot water and a good scrub brush. If you condition your hot tub cover at least once a month, it’ll protect it from the elements and deter vinyl from cracking or hardening.