U-Shaped Desk Construction

What You'll Need
5 sheets of 7 x 4 3/4 plywood
8 V brackets,
4 wood connectors
at least 80 - 1" flathead screws

If you are looking for a U-shaped desk for your home office, building one is always an option. By following the steps below you can build your own u shaped desk complete with book shelves.

Cut Your Wood

Before starting, cut out all of the wood that you will need.

  • 66" x 18" and 48" x 18" from the same sheet.
  • 40" x 48"
  • 84" x 40"
  • 30" x 18"
  • 40" x 30"
  • 6 15" x 17"
  • 6 40" x 17"


You may find it easier to paint your u shaped desk before you’ve put it together. If you do, make sure that all of the paint is dried before proceeding.

Prep Wood for Assembly

Using a drill bit one size smaller than your screws, make two starter holes 2" deep on one end of the 17" side of each of the 40" x 17" pieces. For the 15” x 17’ pieces, drill starter holes on both ends.

Assemble First Bookcase

Attach a 40” x17” piece to each end of a 15” x 17” using the starter holes. Make sure the guides holes of the 40" x 17" pieces are facing up since they’ll be used later to connect the desktop. Place the second 15" x 17" exactly 20" up the 40" side, creating a shelf.

Assemble Second and Third Bookcase

Repeat the above step and then pick one end of the book shelf unit to be the back, drilling 3 starter holes into it in order to attach the backboard. When finished, repeat once more to create a third bookcase. Set two of the 40" x 15" x 17" cube aside.

Attach the Backboard to the First Side of U Shaped Desk

Attach the 48" x 40" backboard piece flush with one of the bookcase cubes so the bookcase lines up at the left side of the backboard. Using the guide holes on the back of the cube, screw the two together.

Attach Backboard to Long Side of U Shape Desk

Attach the second cube to the right side of the 84” X 40” backboard piece.

Connect 2 Backboards to Form First Corner of the U

Put 3 guide holes on the left side of the the longer backboard. Then attach the two backboard pieces at that seam to form the beginnings of your L.

Attach 30” Backboard to U Shape Desk

Attach the last cube to the right side of the 30” x 40” backboard piece.

Attach Desktop to 48” Side of U

Drill 4 evenly spaced guide holes down the top edge of the 48” backboard piece. The drill 2 additional guide holes within 17" of the L corner on the longer piece. Place the 48" x 18" piece on top of the short end in order to make the desktop. Use the guide holes along the backboard to secure the desktop.

Attach Desktop to Long Side of U and 30” side  

Follow the same procedure for the larger section of desktop using one or two more screws along the longer backboard. Then attach the 30” side following the same procedure as the first two sides.

Secure Desktop to Backboard

The 6 V brackets can now be installed to form braces between the backboard and desktop, giving extra support.

Secure Short and Long Desk Top Section

The 4 connectors should be used to connect the two sections of desktop for extra sturdiness.