Using a Basement Dehumidifier to Remove Odor and Dust Mites

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Basement dehumidifiers are effective at reducing moisture the accumulates in the areas of the home with little air ventilation. Basements are often the dampest area of the house because of the low less air flow, along with the presence of the washing machine and hot water heater. Both of those appliances can contribute to the humidity levels in a basement. A dehumidifier then removes the moisture and unpleasant odors often associated with a basement.

Odor is not the only target of a basement dehumidifier. Poor air quality can be due in part to high levels of dust which carry microscopic insects known as dust mites. A dehumidifier sucks the air in the basement in through its filter, removing not only moisture, but also dust and dust mites.

Basements can often be uncomfortable due to the moisture level and the associated odor associated. A dehumidifier works to counter those qualities by removing the moisture from the air and dissipating the odor. It can also function as an air purifier, removing dust from the air along with the microscopic mites that are carried with it.