Using a Box Blade: 4 Safety Tips

Using a box blade to open taped boxes or cut down cardboard is a time saver. There are safety tips for using one correctly, though. By following the suggested safety tips you can keep yourself and others free from injury.

Cut Away from Yourself

When you use a box blade, face the blade away from you and cut away from your body. It may seem natural to cut towards yourself, but if you slip the blade is aiming straight at you, and can cause damage.

Keep the Blade Sharp

Replace a dull blade immediately. A dull blade will cause you to use more pressure to follow through with the cut. This can also cause you to slip and injure yourself.

Keep it Closed

Always keep the box blade closed when not in use. Don't put an open blade into your pocket. An open blade in your pocket can cause damage if you reach in to grab it and grab the wrong end. An open blade can also cut through a pocket and fall out.

Tighten the Guides

Keep the metal slide tight enough to prevent the cutter from sliding back and forth while in use. A loose knife will not do the job correctly.

By using these tips, you'll stay safe and cut free while using a box blade.