Using a Canna Lily in Your Landscape

Using a Canna Lily in your landscape requires a bold choice when it comes to planting companion plants with them. Although it is not a really lily, the flower is showy and comes in bright colors that will make your garden look like it has been painted. Canna Lilies come in bright pink, yellow, orange, cream and peach. Below are some flowers that look great when combined with Canna Lilies.


Lupines are a member of the pea family and produce plants with tiny flowers growing in a spear-shaped cluster. Lupines comes in purple, blue, pink, red, white, orange, yellow and lavender. Blue Lupines combined with pink and yellow Canna Lilies create a stunning contrast in your garden.


Like the lupines, Snapdragons also grow tall, with each blossom resembling a dragon's mouth. The dual colors that many snapdragons come blend in well with Canna Lilies. Combine Canna Lilies of this color with the pink and yellow colors of a Snapdragon plant in your garden.


Foxgloves are another showy flower that grows on tall stems, with the tiny glove-like flowers facing towards the ground. Plant pink and cream Canna Lilies with purple Foxgloves next to them. The combination of the two flowers and their distinct shapes look great in your garden together.