Using a Coping Saw to Cut Angles

A coping saw is a tool used to make special joint angles called copes. Being able to cut copes or angles with a coping saw is easy to do but requires some practice in order for you to master this carpenter’s technique.

Purchase a Coping Saw

A coping saw can be purchased at a home improvement center or hardware store for under 10 dollars. The saw has a fine blade of 20 teeth per inch, which makes it the perfect tool for intricate wood cuts. You should understand that the saw makes a pull cut when the blade faces away from the handle and a push cut when the blade is toward the handle. Try adjusting the blade both ways to see which is more comfortable for you. Once you establish whether pushing or pulling is right for you, maintain the blade in the preferred position.

Practice Making Cuts

Practice your copes on a piece of trim or old wood. Place the coping saw at a 45-degree angle and beginning pushing or pulling the saw across the wood. You may want to clamp the piece of wood in place in order to keep it steady. You should not have to apply a lot of pressure while cutting and do not be concerned if the saw pops out of the cut line. Reposition it and continue with the cutting motion until you have completed it.

Practice on several pieces until you get feel for the way your coping saw cuts. This will give you the necessary experience and make you ready to cut any piece of wood.