Using a Floor Sander

A floor sander is a large electric sander that is used to finish hardwood floors and other surfaces. There are three different types of floor sanders, drum sanders, vibrating sanders and edge sanders. Each different type of sander has a unique purpose, and all three may be necessary to complete a wood floor refinishing project.

Drum Sander

A drum sander has a large bag, a drum for sanding paper and the sander itself. This sander is designed to tear away at high spots, bad spots, paint, stains and splotches. A drum sander is designed to bring your floor down to a completely bare state.

Vibrating Sander

The vibrating floor sander is roughly similar in size but it is lighter and less powerful. This is the sander that is going to smooth your hardwood out after the drum sander sands it down to a bare state.

Edge Sander

The edge sander is a floor sander that is designed to get into hard to reach spaces that cannot be reached by larger sanders. The edge sander is a much smaller, handheld floor sander with an orbital motion and a dust bag. The edge sander is an industrial sander and a big step up from a standard orbital sander.