Using a Fogger for Flea Control

There are many options when it comes to trying to get rid of fleas. The number one option is using a fogger.  Using a fogger for flea control is a great choice and this should be one of your first options.

What is a Fogger?

A fogger is a device that releases a fog containing insecticide, which can aid you in flea control. They are usually set off when you are not home and can release fog for hours at a time.

Where, How, and When to use a Fogger?

A fogger can be used when you notice that you have a flea infestation problem. Foggers can be purchased at your local retail store for a reasonable price. Make you that you read the box on the foggers you buy. You will need to make sure they are specifically for fleas, as there are many different types of foggers that control different insects. Next, you will need to read the box to make sure how much square footage each fogger covers to make sure you buy enough to treat all the areas you will need to treat. Make sure to read all precautions on the fogger box and take those precautions very seriously. Foggers are to be used in large open areas but will get in hard to reach places.

Steps to take Before/After Fogging

Vacuum your floors, couches, cushions, and anything else where the fleas might be really heavy populated. Make sure to vacuum right before you fog and after you return you will want to vacuum again. Vacuuming can reduce fleas’ eggs by up to 50%.  Leave your cushions off while you bomb to make sure the fog gets deep into the cushions and under them. When you finish all the vacuuming you will need to get rid of the bag immediately as this will contain a lot of flea eggs. If you have a bagless vacuum make sure to empty it out each time you vacuum to get rid of all the flea eggs and make sure they will not come back.

Safety Tips

  • Some fogger bombs require your pilot light to be turned off so make sure to read the box very carefully.
  • Make sure to cover up any aquariums.
  • If you open your cabinets and drawers before bombing, make sure to wash all of the contents before using them again.
  • Make sure to cover up or put away any food that you have out.
  • After bombing make sure to change your bedding and wash any other blankets that you might have out.


Once you have bought your foggers, and you are ready to start, make sure you take your pets with you and leave your house for at least 3-4 hours. You will need to turn your heat off and leave your windows shut. Once you return, it is a great idea to open your windows for a couple of hours to let the room air out. Just make sure to read all directions very carefully and thoroughly, and you should have no problem getting rid of your flea infestation.