Using a Honeysuckle Vine in Your Landscape

Honeysuckle vine is a classic garden landscape vine. Not only does it provide a fragrant and whimsical presence in the garden, but it is easy to train. The vine grows quickly, responds well to pruning and provides beautiful flowers. Grown along a fence, the vine can also double as a privacy hedge.

Using Honeysuckle Vine in Your Landscape

Every garden needs plants that attract wildlife, and the honeysuckle vine will work like a charm. The flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies and at the end of summer honeysuckle fruit (berries) provides food that attracts songbirds. Planted in early spring, this vine grows well in full or partial sun, is hardy and easy to grow.

Training Your Honeysuckle Vine

Left to itself, honeysuckle will grow wild, vining and training itself along any structure it finds to grab onto. If you like a wild, random look to your vines, this is a great vine to plant. If you want to train your vine however, put up a trellis, fence or structure before planting. Use soft ties (old pantyhose torn into strips works well) to attach the vines to the structur. Although the vine can quickly cover a house or other structure if allowed, annual pruning easily keeps it under control.