Using a Jade Plant in Companion Planting

The jade plant is hardy and easy to grow. The plant belongs to the succulent group of growers, and its hardiness makes it an excellent tool in companion planting. Companion planting is a method of landscaping that grows naturally supportive plants together. Companion plants might repel insects, provide nutrients for the other plant or simply produce shade to promote growth.

The Jade Plant and Companion Planting

A jade plant is particularly suitable for growing with cacti and similar succulents because it enjoys dry soil, making it perfect for cacti. It also makes a good companion tree for plants that like sunlight, either direct or partially shaded. Because the jade plant can stand up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it is also a good high temperature plant.

It is not a good companion plant for trees, shrubs or flowers that are vulnerable to insects because it attracts many pests. The jade plant is considered a lucky plant, and is associated with wealth and good fortune.  It is mostly used to compliment flowers or vegetables and used to promote fruit, flowers, or seed growth.