Using a Laminate Saw to Replace Flooring

A laminate saw blade is one of the many blades used with a table saw. Choosing the right saw blade to repair or replace flooring is very important to the final outcome of the project you are attempting to complete. Laminate is two layers affixed together, but it has a tendency to fray easier than single layer material.

Use the Right Blade

Saw blades are named for the type of material they cut. This makes choosing the correct saw blade for your flooring repair project less confusing.

Types of Blades

  • A ripping saw blade is designed to rip wood with the grain.
  • A masonry saw blade cuts through brick.
  • A laminate saw blade cuts laminate.

Using the Laminate Saw Blade

The laminate saw blade will be a fine tooth blade. Cutting laminate is tough on blades, and most installers plan on using several blades during a repair or replacement project. Laminate should be cut with a downward motion, in order to accomplish this on a table saw, cut the laminate flooring upside down. Generally, the edges of a laminate floor are not seen, but a clean cut is necessary to protect the integrity of the laminate. You should place a piece of tape along the cutting edge before cutting, as this helps ensure a smoother cut.