Using a Lawn Dethatcher to Remove Dead Grass Spots

What You'll Need
De-thatching Machine

Dead grass patches can cause problems with your lawn and also look very unsightly. De-thatching a lawn must be undertaken at the right time of the year otherwise you will cause further damage. De-thatching a lawn can cause harm to the lawn at the best of times, so care is always needed.

Step 1 – Raking

Rake the lawn to help untangle any roots and dead grass. Some will come away with the rake and other attached pieces of grass will stand up neatly.

Step 2 – De-thatching Machine

The thatching machine is a perpendicular cutter which cuts vertically. There are four settings for the blades. Early spring is the optimum time of year for de-thatching your lawn. Set the rake fingers on the machine until they touch the ground when the machine is laid flat.

Step 3 – De-thatching the Dead Grass

Use the machine in the same way you would a lawn mower but move slowly with it. As a lawn mower cuts the grass across, the de-thatching machine will cut straight into the grass and can rip out roots. Cover the entire lawn and go over the entire area twice to be sure to de-thatch all the dead grass.