Using a Miter Saw for Your Construction Projects

A mitre saw is the tool to use on construction projects to create perfect corners and angles for detail work. A compound mitre saw allows you to make a mitre cut and a bevel cut at the same time. The saw can be used to cut precise cuts like those used for picture frames, baseboards, mouldings and other angled construction projects.  When shopping for a mitre saw you will have to decide if you need a mitre saw stand as well as supplies for proper mitre saw safety.

Use Care in Cutting

Always use safety equipment and take safety precautions when using a mitre saw. Small cuts that are very detailed should be contained with a clamp. In many cases the clamp is included with the mitre saw. It will help to ensure that your piece of wood does not slip while being cut, causing damage to the wood or your fingers.

Cut Precisely

When you are cutting using any type of saw it is always best to measure twice and only cut once. This just simply means that you should take care to make your cut right the first time. When you are working with a mitre saw for the first time it is advisable to have a scrap piece of wood available to test your cuts and make sure they are at the desired angle and that the length will end up where you need it to.

Sand for the Perfect Fit

When using a mitre saw, cut for a snug fit. A snug fit will ensure that spaces are filled and allow for you to sand down the product to fit instead of needing a new piece of wood for a cut that is made just a little too short.

Common Mitre Saw Projects

One of the more popular uses for a mitre saw is to create constructing moldings. They can be for cabinet accents and detail or for an added design around interior or exterior windows. Mitre saws have also been used for centuries to make frames. These early models were hand saws that were preciscly angled to make the precision cut. Today, you can use a mitre saw to build a fireplace mantle or build a porch railing. The construction projects that use a mitre saw are many, most any project requiring any type of angle or detail will require the use of a mitre saw.

Baseboards, crown moldings, door moldings and more can all use the fine precision cuts of a mitre saw. The tips that have been pointed out for these cuts are the same for other cuts and will help to ensure that your mitre cuts fit with a minimum of effort. It takes some practice to master the left angle versus the right angle when first using a mitre saw, and the use of a practice piece of wood is highly recommended when first learning to use the tool.