Using a Straight Router Bit When Drilling

A straight router bit is a very versatile bit that can be used on a wide variety of projects. A straight router bit can be used to cut flutes in molding, create rabbets, mortises, and even be used as a drill. There are several different diameters, and lengths in straight router bits that make them a great option for drilling.

Drill with Care

A router rotates at a very high speed and can easily ruin your work piece. When drilling a piece of wood with a router you will need to use some extra care.

Clamp Piece to Table

When using a router to drill, clamp the piece to a sturdy work area. This will keep the wood from moving when you plunge the router bit into the wood.

Set Depth of Straight Router Bit

To drill with a straight router bit you should set the required depth for the bit.

Plunge Bit into Wood
Lift the router over the place where you want to drill the hole. Face the bit away from you and start the router. Using the viewing slot on the bottom of the router line up the area where the mark is and carefully plunge the router bit into piece of wood. Do not move the router as that would elongate the hole, but plunge straight into the piece. Once the hole is drilled then shut the power off to the router and lift out of work piece.