Using a Vise Grip

A vise.

A vise grip is an essential part of any toolbox. They are handy in any number of applications. A vise grip is basically a pair of locking pliers. You can grasp on to things that are normally difficult to grasp, and give you more power than your bare hands of other tools. Here are just a few ways you can use your vise grips.


Your vise grips can be used anytime you need to clamp something off. They are especially useful when a large clamp won’t fit in the area you need to clamp. Since the pliers lock, you can place the grips wherever you need them, clamp it off, and lock them down. Many people will use vise grips when working with rubber hoses, especially if you’ve used glue or cement and need to keep them tight until it dries.

Stripped Screws and Broken Bolts

Vise grips are normally not advisable to remove screws or bolts, as the grips can damage them. If you have a situation where a screw has been stripped and is difficult to remove, or a bolt that has a broken head, then the grips can help you remove it more easily. Lock the grips down and either twist or pull straight out until you’ve loosened it enough to remove.