Using Active Solar Heating in Your Home

Using active solar heating to warm up your home is advantageous in many ways. This is why many more homes in the US are making use of such solar heating systems. More homes would already have switched over to using active solar heating, but people have been deterred by high initial investment costs, location restrictions, and the ability to only generate direct current electricity.

Homes that receive an ample amount of sunlight will, however, benefit the most from making use of active solar heating. It certainly will pay to understand a little bit more about to install and use such heating options.

Initial Investment

Installing a solar active heating system will mean having to invest between six and twenty thousand dollars. Given the fact that this industry is rapidly expanding, it is certainly conceivable that in the not too distant future, the costs will come down significantly.

Easy To Use

These solar heating systems are very easy to use, and it only requires going over the instruction manuals that accompany a DIY system to become well educated about how to install and use the system. Since the system can be installed as a DIY project, it is also possible to install the system at a significantly lower cost.

Resale Value of the Property

After installing this system on the roof of a property, the system then becomes part and parcel of the property, and this, in turn, means that when selling the home, there is good reason to expect that the value of the home will appreciate considerably.

Design Considerations

One of the major benefits to switching to solar active energy is that such a system can be used on an existing structure without having to worry about the design of the home or its orientation. Once installed, the active solar heating system will produce far more thermal energy than the best passive solar energy system can. Even better, the heat produced can be used to warm up an entire home and all this is achieved at a very low cost.

Essential Components

An active solar heating system makes use of mechanically operated equipment such as fans, blowers and pumps that will respectively store, collect, and distribute heat throughout a home.

Liquid Based Systems

When opting for liquid based systems, you will need to make use of large water tanks, or even a thermal mass, which will be used to store the heat. Distributing the heat will be done with the help of different options including radiant slab systems and central forced air systems and even with the help of hot water baseboards.

Air Based Systems

These systems make use of thermal mass as well as rock bins that will hold the hot air. Then, with the help of blowers and ducts, the heated air can be circulated throughout a home.

The bottom line is that active solar energy is cost effective, and it involves actively gathering as well as using solar energy to heat up a home. It differs from passive solar energy in that it makes use of special solar collectors that will gather solar energy to convert it into hot air. Passive solar energy, on the other hand, works on the basis of using a home’s design to capture energy from the sun.