Using Aluminum Sulfate in Your Pool

Underwater light and stairs in a swimming pool
  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-150

To clean a cloudy pool, aluminum sulfate is often the method of choice. It works in a unique way to help the pool water clean itself, saving you time and making the filtration system more efficient.

What Does Aluminum Sulfate Do?

When used in pool cleaning, aluminum sulfate dissolves into positively charged particles. These particles are attracted to negatively charged particles, and cause tiny specks to slowly merge into larger pieces. As the particles group together, they become heavier than the water they are floating in, and sink, where the filter removes them.

Check and Backwash the Filter

Before using aluminum sulfate in pool maintenance, be sure to bask the filter as described in your manual. If you have a DE filter, this process will not work. Sulfate will only acquire a positive charge in this manner when used with sand filters.

Filters Collect Particles

You should notice the filters begin to pick up particles faster. Also, the larger particles will cause the filter to clog faster, so make sure to clean them frequently. You may need to clean the filter several times in the first few days, but as the water begins to clear up, the frequency will start to diminish.