Using Boric Acid to Kill Scorpions

While many scorpions spend their entire lives far from humans, it is still often necessary to kill scorpions that get too close for comfort. Scorpions will often enter homes seeking either moisture or more moderate temperatures. There are scorpions that can sting using venom that is strong enough to kill, and even the less lethal varieties can still sting. Because of this, being prepared to kill scorpions is important. However, scorpions are hardy creatures that are difficult to kill, even if you can find them, which is not always the case. Luckily, using some clever strategies and ordinary boric acid, you can kill scorpions effectively.

Boric Acid

Boric acid can cause many problems for scorpions. It can damage their exoskeletons, leaving them vulnerable to other forms of damage—in particular dehydration. It is also poisonous to them if consumed. Because of this, it is possible to apply boric acid in many different ways, all of them effective methods of scorpion control.

However, boric acid, at least in small amounts, is harmless to humans.


You can combine boric acid powder with water to spray areas that scorpions will have to cross to create a powerful preventative measure. Measure 1 part boric acid powder and 2 parts water. Next, heat up the water on the stove. Mix in the boric acid powder that you have measured and stir it until it dissolves. Finally, pour the solution into a spray bottle. Doing this makes it very easy to apply boric acid powder to areas that scorpions may be.

Figuring out where to spray is another matter entirely. If you know where a scorpion is, but can't reach it for some reason, you can trap it by spraying any available exits it has, and the surrounding area. Furthermore, as a preventative measure, you can spray any place that scorpions might try to enter your home by, or anywhere they might try to live once inside. Any hole, crack, or pipe is a potential entrance. When trying to figure out where scorpions might try to hide, keep in mind that they prefer dark places. 


You can also use boric acid powder directly. Boric acid powder will damage scorpions just as effectively as mixing it with water and spraying. However, the strategy for placement remains the same. Figure out where scorpions will have to travel, and force them to cross a line of boric acid powder. Focus on dark places, high traffic areas, and entrances to your home.

A line of boric acid powder will prevent scorpions from crossing without being damaged and eventually dying.


Boric acid is very mild and kills scorpions in a very indirect way—usually by preventing them from retaining moisture, thus making them die of dehydration over a long period of time. However, during this period, scorpions can still sting just as effectively as before, and because of this they are still dangerous. Boric acid will work reasonably well as a preventative measure for dealing with scorpions, as well as other pests, but a scorpion that has been exposed to boric acid may remain a problem.