Using Brick or Paver Edging in Landscaping

grass and rock separated by pavers
  • 10-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-1,500

If you want to make a suitable edging for your lawn or flowerbeds, consider using brick or paver edging. A layer of bricks or pavers surrounding flower and vegetable beds can prevent you from accidentally mowing them while cutting the grass, and it will also stop mulch and fertilizer from being spread across your lawn. A paver edging can also prevent gravel, sand, or other pavement ornamentation from flowing into your flower beds, ponds, or grass areas. You can use brick or paver edging wherever you choose.

Laying Out Your Edging

The first step is to make sure you mark out exactly where you want your edging to go. You need to trim back any weeds or large plants that are growing along the edge of the border, and also cut the grass if you are edging a lawn. This will give you a clearly-defined shape to work with. You can also make a sharp edge using a border cutting tool.

Add a Base

The brick or paver edging will need to have a base on which the pieces stand. Apply a layer of sand or stone dust to the bottom of your edge, pressing it in firmly using a mallet. Once this is done, you can start installing the pavers.