Using Chipping Hammer Tools

Hammer tools designed for chipping material away are a useful tool or certain projects and applications. The tool is typically found in construction related projects such as breaking up rock or concrete and removing excess metal and other heavy materials. The tool is attached to a pneumatic or air-powered hammer and can be very powerful.

Chipping Hammer Tool Use
Using a chipping hammer tool requires care and attention. You should always wear steel enforced work boots and gloves, as well as goggles and other safety items when using chipping hammer tools. Keep your hands and feet away from the tool when in use and never point at another person or near your body.

Chipping Hammer Tool Users

Sculptors and individuals who work with large rock forms, cement, metal or other art medium, can use the chipping hammer tool. The tool has different chisel type blades that are designed for a specific type of construction project or job and can be a versatile tool to have.