Using Drywall Clips

Drywall clips are used to support your drywall sheets at the corners. They are placed on the edge of the drywall sheets and fastened to grip the stud. They also eliminate backup timber at ceiling joists, partition tees, make two stud corners possible and also make a better backing. Two stud corners help electricians and plumbers to snake pipes and wires for their work, and also allow insulation behind behind the studs, reducing heat loss. Making drywall instillation quicker and easier, using these plastic or metal clips can save a lot of money when renovating or building a large area.

The corners of the installations are also less likely to crack and need to be smoothed over, because there is less framing to move or shrink, which is the main cause of this problem. Small movements in the wood studs are normal due to temperature and humidity changes so any way to minimize the damage is good.

Types of Clips

There are a number of different drywall clips use for various purposes. The general usage clips are made of metal and used to attach the drywall sheets to studs. Drywall repair clips are made of metal and are used for fastening drywall to surrounding drywall, especially for repairing holes. They are screwed to the drywall that is being repaired, providing a surface on which the repair piece of drywall can then be screwed.

Melt-away clips are used in fire-rated wall assemblies. They are made of aluminum and will melt at a certain temperature, allowing the drywall to fall away from the wall in a fire. Acoustical clips are usually used in commercial applications. They create a shock-absorbing effect that reduce the vibrations of movements from getting into the interior space. They are made from metal with a rubber backing to provide vibration dampening.

Using Drywall Clips

In order to use drywall clips you must first decide on the areas you will be using the clips in, and estimate how many you will need. Beginning at the ceiling, screw or nail a clip over each wall stud using a minimum of 2 fasteners per clip. Mount the clip to the top plate if there are no studs in the corner. Starting at an inside wall corner, the top of the stud, install a clip every 16 inches. Make sure you attach a clip within six inches of the bottom plate. Attach drywall to both the studs and the clips.

If you have a place where two sheets of drywall must be butted together, Attach one clip on the first board, roughly an inch above the beveled edge, and stagger two or three clips placed vertically about 16 inches apart. Secure the clips with screws. Mount the boards to the clips as well as the studs. Screws or nails are only used to fasten the clip to the stud, not to fasten the drywall sheets to the clips.

Safety When Installing

When cutting and finishing drywall boards, always wear a mask and goggles. The dust is very fine and can be irritating. Always have a helper on hand to lift the boards when you install them.

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