Using Epoxy on Your Basement Floor

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  • 48-72 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-600
What You'll Need
Safety goggles
Face mask or respirator mask
Cement mixer
Paint roller (for primer)
Epoxy primer
Epoxy resin solution
Self-leveling compound
Aggregate stones

Epoxy is a strong material that you can use on your basement floor. Aggregate epoxy flooring is durable enough to last many years, so long as it is installed correctly.

Preparing Your Basement Floor

Prepare the basement floor before installing epoxy aggregate flooring. Fill any cracks in the concrete. Use a sander to level uneven areas on the floor. Fill large dipped areas with a self-leveling compound. If any filling is required, wait for the floor to completely dry before you carry on with the process.

Next, apply an epoxy base primer. Paint the primer onto the concrete to form a barrier between the epoxy flooring and the concrete. Ensure that the barrier material is spread across the entire floor. Complete coverage minimizes the risk of water damage. Do not leave air bubbles or bare patches because they become weak spots in the floor.

WARNING: Epoxy products can release fumes, so check your basement has proper ventilation and wear a respirator mask and safety goggles while applying the epoxy primer to the floor. You should also wear safety equipment while operating the sander to keep any sawdust or other particles out of your system. Follow the same precautions when you apply the final epoxy solution.

Choosing the Flooring

Aggregate stones are available in a wide variety. Choose stones, glass, or a mixture of both to creates a unique appearance. Experiment with mixing together different colors and blends of aggregates until you create a pattern that you like.

Choosing Epoxy

Epoxy is available at home improvement and hardware stores. Choose an epoxy solution which can be used with aggregates. You will mix the epoxy with the aggregates and a hardener to form the hard, durable surface.


When mixing aggregate flooring, use 1 part epoxy resin to 3 parts stones. Use a cement mixer to mix together the epoxy, stones, and hardener. Add the aggregate immediately, then the epoxy resin. Make sure the solution is mixed properly because it will create a much stronger flooring material.