Using Feng Shui in Your Deck and Porch Decor

Feng Shui (literally meaning Wind and Water) is an ancient Chinese art of placement based on the concept of the natural energy chi. Chi— "the breath of life and a positive energy"—is assumed by the Chinese to be the foundation of the entire universe. The outdoor porch and deck, on the other hand, are places where you relax, getting free from the hustle of the everyday grind. It is the first area your guests see when visiting your home. So during the past decades, professional decorators and families turned their attention to bringing harmony to these spaces with the help of Feng Shui.

Employ the Feng Shui Color Concept 

When decorating your porch and deck, make good use of colors and their beneficial energy.

First choose the proper color to decorate these spaces. Red, yellow and purple, for example, are the colors of good fortune. According to many professional Fung Shui decorators yellow—an imperial color—is more beneficial than red. Green brings freshness and peace while blue is the color of water which provides life and growth. So, decorating in blue and green is an excellent choice. Another great, helpful and very popular "pair of colors" is the black and white combination.  

Follow Some Basic Feng Shui Tips

According to Feng Shui, the front porch and deck should look clean, nice, comfortable and inviting.

Decorating these spaces according to the Feng Shui principles is not a difficult task. However, keep in mind several basic principles. You should avoid floor plans and cramped spaces which hinder a free flow. It is better to place healthy plants throughout the space. Furthermore, sharp corners should be kept to a minimum.

To this purpose, design the space with some slanting or round corners. If it is impossible and you cannot redesign the deck, place some big round pots or other beautiful round-shaped objects.

Invigorating the natural energy (chi) flow with a small water fountain is a good choice. It makes an enchanting sound and brings money to the home. You can use an aquarium instead of a fountain because fish is another powerful symbol of wealth.

The next step is to decorate the deck with some round pots full of healthy plants with smooth round leaves or flowers. Hanging a tender-sounding wind chime will add to the harmony of the natural surroundings.

Choosing furnishings which are comfy and easy to care for is a good option as well. And last: never place a grill or a lighted candle on the left side of the deck. According to the principle of the bagua, that is the wealth area and the fire may consume your wealth and prosperity.

Following this basic advice will help you create a real outdoor sanctuary for yourself and your dearest people.