Using Household Products to Kill Stink Bugs

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner
Yellow Windex
Light traps
Sticky traps

Stink bugs are tiny bugs that will invade your home because they are attracted to light. You must take care when getting rid of these insects because they have a gland that emits a bad odor when they feel any danger. Follow these suggestions to deal with stink bugs with simple household products.

Step 1 - Close All Possible Entryways to Your Home

Before you tackle the stink bugs already inside, make sure you protect your home so others can’t come in. Keep your windows and doors closed as a matter of routine. Check for any cracks in the walls or around windows and pipes. Use a good-quality silicone caulk to prevent the entry of more stink bugs. Replace damaged screens in your windows and doors. Also keep your outdoor lights dim because these bugs are attracted to light.

Step 2 - Use the Vacuum

Since stink bugs let off a foul smell when they feel danger, you have limited homemade ways you can tackle this menace. Use a vacuum carefully and wear gloves because you might need to handle a bug or two and they have a sharp bite. Collect all the bugs in the vacuum bag and get rid of it far from home.

Step 3 - Apply the Window Cleaner

You can kill the stink bugs by spraying them with Yellow Windex. Then use the vacuum again to collect the dead bugs.

Step 4 - Install Light Traps

Since stink bugs are attracted to light, it is a good idea to install traps near lights. Also install light traps in basements, attics and any crawl space where you have already spotted these bugs. Empty the traps daily.

Step 5 - Use Sticky Traps

Place sticky traps in other places where you feel the bugs may enter (like windows or doors). Keep shifting these traps as soon as you notice that they aren't catching any bugs. You will be able to find the primary hideout of these bugs with the help of the sticky traps.