Using Jasmine in Companion Planting

Jasmine is such a beautiful plant that many people want to incorporate it into their garden design. It can however be very confusing to know exactly what you can plant with Jasmine to complement the aroma and appearance of such a wonderful plant. Not all plants mix together well. Poor planning can cause plants to die.

Companion Plants

Companion planting is the science of planting certain types of plants close that work together well. Certain plants are not compatible and will fight for the same nutrients; this will create problems for the plants. Companion plants do not compete; instead they help each other grow.

Ground Covering Plants

Jasmine works well when planted along side plants which cover a lot of ground. Choosing plants which offer a bright or vibrant color will break up the white color of Jasmine. Ideal plants include Confetti Spreading Lantana and Royal Cape Plumbago.

Also, Jasmine can be nice when planted with roses because they offer a different smell and color. Deciding which plants will look nice and work well with Jasmine will help you to create a stunning garden design.