Using Leaf Mulch: Four Tips

The benefits of leaf mulch should never be underestimated. Many people fail to realize that they already have the perfect material for mulching in their own yards. Leaf mulch made from the autumn leaves provides effective insulation and will help restore nutrients to the soil. 

Tip #1 - Sorting

When choosing leaves for mulch, it is important to use some dry leaves as well as fresh ones. Dry leaves will decompose at a much slower rate, which is useful if you want to use a leaf mulch in the spring. 

Tip #2 - Shredding

Leaves work best for mulch if they are shredded. Running your lawn mower over top of the leaves after raking will give it an excellent consistency for mulch. Using the grass catcher on the lawnmower will help to gather the leaves with ease.

Tip #3 - Saving

Once the leaves have been shredded, place them into a large container until they are ready to be used. Any type of plastic container will suffice. Make sure the container is stored in a dry place. If moisture seeps in, it will make the leaves useless for mulching purposes. 

Tip #4 - Using

The mulch doesn’t necessarily have to be stored. The leaves are ready for use once they have been shredded. Simply insulate the plants to help prepare them for the long winter ahead.