Using Medium Density Fiberboard as a Quick Fix for Your Furniture

Medium density fiberboard or MDF as it is commonly known in the construction field is a very useful material. It is made up of waste products from lumber yards and has a resin mixed with it to make it smoother. The particles used in the makeup are smaller and therefore makes for a much less tear out and leave a smooth edge when sawed, rather than a jagged one. It also means that a coat of primer and a couple coats of paint make these panels very attractive finished surface. Most other products like plywood or fiberboard will not have the same effect. It is also a strong material with a low reaction to humidity. This makes it even more useful in household applications. One word of caution, use a mask and eye protection when cutting or sawing due to the toxicity of the resin particles. As with any particles you don't want to breathe them in or get them in your eyes.

Using MDF in Bathrooms

If you look in the bottom of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you will most likely see unfinished MDF. Because it doesn't swell and handles moisture well it is a good material to use in the quick fix of a flooded cabinet of the kitchen or bathroom. It is also good to use for an under flooring if you are going to lay tile in a bathroom or a room that has the chance of flooding, such as the laundry room.

Building Shelves with MDF

Need shelving in one of your rooms ? MDF is a good choice for some cost effecient shelves or to repair existing shelving that has fallen on bad times. MDF is a strong, durable material that will handle books, or other types of storage containers. You can make some really easy shelving by cutting strips of MDF to a width you need, paint them, then stack on painted cinder blocks or cut pieces of 2x4 and attach. Quick storage for a kids room or office.

Repairing Furniture

There are some pieces of furniture that you have maybe had for a while and it is need of some TLC. Like an entertainment center that has simply a piece of thin paperboard stapled to the back which always come off. Measure and cut a piece of MDF. Staple or nail to the back of the furniture to have a stronger longer lasting piece. In these times, we need to make things last. The backs of low cost chest of drawers are the same way. Before you even use them, do the same as above. Make the furniture stronger. You can also use a piece of MDF cut to fit the bottom of a chair that has seen better days, paint and cover with a cushion.

Fixing Baby Beds

Inexpensive baby beds are notorious for having the bottoms to pull loose. Especially as the child grows up and starts standing and jumping up and down in the bed. To avoid any accidents, take the old piece off and cut a piece of MDF to fit the existing bed and you will not have that worry.