Using Methanol as a Fuel Additive

Methanol is converted from natural gas and is often used as a fuel additiveIt is easier to transport than natural gas and is a liquid at ordinary temperature. It is often known as M85. 

Converting a Fuel System

The fuel system of your vehicle will have to be converted in order to use methanol. The conversion however is much simpler than for instance an LPG conversion. Many vehicle manufacturers will now offer a free conversion with new vehicles. When the fuel system has been converted, you will be able to use any mixture of methanol and ordinary fuel in the tank. 

Amount of Methanol to Use

The air to fuel ratio of methanol is around 8 to 1, almost twice that of gasoline. Most modern cars converted to use methanol will compensate for this. If not, your vehicle will run best with a 70% gasoline to methanol ratio. 

Disadvantages of Methanol

Methanol is more corrosive than ordinary fuel, so you will need to add some special oil additives in order to protect the engine. For safety reasons you should always make sure that you have at least a small amount of gasoline in your tank as methanol burns without color and can be dangerous if there is a fire.