Using Molasses To Boost Fertilizer

Using Molasses To Boost Fertilizer

Molasses added to your organic fertilizers feeds the healthy microbes in the soil, mulch and on the plant leaves. Many people are interested in ways to increase the health of their gardens without the use of harsh chemicals. Organic gardeners find that when they add a little molasses to their organic liquid fertilizer they gett wonderful results. Ideally you should use organic unsulphered molasses, because it has the greatest amount of iron, potash micronutrients and sulfur from the cane. Both the high sugar content and the amount of trace minerals provide health benefits for your soil and plants.

Adding Molasses to Organic Fertilizer

When 1 to 3 tablespoons of molasses is added to 1 gallon of organic liquid fertilizer, such as compost tea, alfafa meal tea, or kelp tea, it gives the fertilizer a tremendous boost. The addition of molasses to these fertilizers helps to balance out the carbon nitrogen ratio and provide a good balance of vital nutrients to plants and the soil.

TIP: Our expert gardening advisor, Susan Patterson cautions you, "If you are using manure from your own horses or cows it must be composted first before using it for a tea."


The molasses and liquid fertilizer mixture is best applied with a garden sprayer. When the fertilizer is sprayed directly on plant leaves, the plant quickly absorbs the nutrients. Use molasses on your garden once every 2 weeks for best results.

Pest Control

Molasses also keeps away the pests because it increases the overall health of your plants. One of the biggest problems with sustaining a true organic farm or garden is, of course, dealing with insects that hope to devour your crops. Spray your plants or flowers with a mixture of water and molasses, in addition to your normal molasses fertilizer process, and watch the bugs and pests completely vanish within at least one day’s time.

TIP: Susan suggests, "For extended pest control, add a little garlic to your molasses and water mixture."