Using Mulch in a Square Foot Garden

Square foot gardening is a system of gardening for a small or confined space that was developed by Mel Bartholomew and involves using 4 by 4-foot planting plots that are then divided into 1-foot square sections for growing a variety of different vegetables. Square foot gardening is widely considered to be one of the easiest ways to grow vegetables in a confined space and makes it easy for even beginning vegetable gardeners to grow all types of healthy and delicious vegetables. This article will address the ways mulch is used with square foot gardening methods.

Mulching in Square Foot Gardening

As with any other type of gardening, using mulch square foot garden is done to retain moisture in the soil, help protect the root systems of plants and prevent weeds. Using good quality mulch in square-foot gardens will allow you to water your vegetables less and will result in much fewer incidents of wilting and more vigorous growth. Using mulch in square-foot gardens is particularly beneficial if you live in hot and humid areas of the country or need to leave your vegetables unattended for relatively long periods of time.

Although using mulch in any type of garden is always a good idea, the amount of mulch needed in your square foot garden will usually depend upon the watering method that you employ. Many experienced square foot gardeners choose to use soaker hoses or other slow-drip irrigation systems. With this type of watering, you will not need as much mulch as you would if you simply watered with a spray nozzle or water can.

Types of Mulch for Square Foot Gardens

When choosing mulch for your square foot garden, there are many choices available. However, you should always opt for some type of organic mulch rather than types of mulch that don't break down or degrade as easily. Popular mulches for square foot gardens include: hay or straw, grass clippings, coconut coir, coffee or tea grounds and even dead leaves. Almost any organic material you can think of will work well as mulch in your square-foot gardens and will keep your keep the soil moist and help to prevent weeds as well.

Other Mulch Considerations

While there are many materials you can use as mulch for your square-foot garden, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. For instance, regardless of the type of mulch you choose, you should always choose mulch that breaks down well and will have the added benefit of acting as a natural fertilizer to your square foot garden vegetables. Also, there are particular types of mulch that work with certain varieties of garden vegetables better than others. If you're unsure of what type of mulch to use for particular vegetables in your area, you should visit the Internet and search for information on square foot gardening mulches.

Square foot gardening has become very popular, and there are many websites that give many excellent tips on square foot gardening methods and practices. Use your favorite search engine to search for square foot gardening tips, and you will find hundreds of relevant link choices.