Using Pine Mulch to Make a Mow Free Area

Mulch is an integral, beneficial and necessary part of any garden space. Whether you are using live mulch, organic mulch or any other type there is just no denying the value of mulching your garden. One of the most highly acclaimed forms of mulch is pine mulch. Pine mulch is great at killing off weeds and preventing them from growing back which is exactly why pine mulch is such a good material to use when your goal is to create a mow free area. This informative guide will go over why pine mulch is such a great choice for those looking to free themselves of mowing.

What is Pine Mulch?

Pine mulch is mulch made from the pine tree. There are a couple of different varieties of pine mulch and each serves a slightly different purpose and has its own advantages. The first is pine bark nuggets. Pine bark nuggets dissolve very slowly, meaning you would not have to mulch as much as you would were you to be using other forms of mulch. Pine straw is the needles from the pine tree and it makes for one of the most attractive types of mulch available with its bronze color.

What They Do

Both pine bark nuggets and pine straw are excellent forms of mulch. They both work really well in the garden because they do an excellent job of killing weeds and preventing any further weed growth. They’re also both really good at keeping the soil in your garden well insulated while keeping your soil at just the right level of moisture. Laying about three to four inches of either variety of pine mulch will ensure a weed free garden with no need to be mowed as long as you keep on top of changing the pine mulch when the time comes to do so.

Pine Straw

Pine straw is usually chosen over pine bark nuggets for a couple reasons. While they both work wonders when it comes to controlling the weeds in your garden, the pine straw creates much better insulation. This ensures that the temperature of your soil is well regulated in extremely cold or hot temperatures. Pine Straw is also chosen for its aesthetic beauty. When the pine needles are ready to be used as mulch they will become a golden or bronze color which adds a rustic, lively and one of a kind look to any garden space. Another great thing about pine needles is that if you lay freshly cut pine needles as mulch it will work to kill any plants. So let’s say you have got a huge field of weeds that you eventually want to turn into a garden. Instead of laboring away with the lawn mower you can just lay a fresh layer of pine straw and wait for it to work its magic.

In closing, both varieties of pine mulch work wonders when it comes to killing weeds and creating a mow free garden space. The choice comes down to personal preference and availability.