Using Reclaimed Antique Bricks

Antique bricks can make any project look special and old. This can add charm to projects such as fireplace hearths, porch paving, and mailboxes. Anything that you can create with brick will take on an antiquated look by using antique bricks. Here’s what you need to know.

You can find many companies who reclaim antique bricks and slice them in to tiles. This makes hiring a bricklayer to install them unnecessary. This is a good way to give your kitchen or bathroom an old world charm. You can also install them yourself in entry ways, and small walkways.

Adding reclaimed antique brick to your driveway will completely change the look of your home with very little effort. Guests who pull in on this wonderful driveway will love the look and you will receive plenty of compliments.


Antique brick surrounding a fireplace will make your fireplace really pop out. Since you won’t need a lot of the reclaimed brick to accomplish this it’s a great way to redecorate without a lot of money involved.

Using reclaimed bricks not only adds charm to your home, it is better for the environment. It becomes less material that ends up in landfills, and gives you the added benefit of looking fantastic no matter where you use them.