Using Skids To Move Buildings

Very large structures normally require the use of some type of wheeled “cart” placed under them. Using skids to move much smaller buildings can be an economical and practical choice. This is especially true when seeking to move smaller buildings such as a shed or even a portable john from one spot to another on a piece of property. This method is normally restricted to buildings without foundations, which rest directly on the ground, on cinder blocks or some other removable form of support.

Jack It Up

The best way to skid a structure is to employ hydraulic jacks in equidistant locations on two sides and pump these up simultaneously. This is an important step to ensure that the building does not tilt and possibly topple. Once the structure has been raised above the ground at a sufficient height, long hard plastic skids are placed underneath and the jacks are removed.

Secure to the Skid

The building is then secured to the skid through either the use of binding straps or clamps.


Once the building is secured to the skid, two chains are attached at the front of the skid near each corner. The chains come together forming a yoke that is attached to a trailer hitch then pulled to a new location.

Check with your local tool rental center to obtain skids and chains for moving your building.