Using Spray Foam Insulation: Possible Hazards and Health Risks

One of the most popular insulation for homes or residential buildings and offices is polyurethane spray foam insulation. Since it can be easily installed just about by anyone, this is a preferred material to use. Although this is a preferred way for insulating your home, the use of polyurethane spray insulator pose some risk to human health. It has its advantages for use, but there are more disadvantages that outweigh the good.


One health issue spray foam insulation can cause is an allergic reaction when the foam comes in contact with the skin. Redness and itching can occur. When using this material, one should protect his or her skin during application.

Respiratory Problems

Inhalation can also pose serious respiratory problems. The fumes of such insulation can be deadly in inhaled so the person applying foam insulation should wear protective covering for the nose and mouth to avoid deadly inhalation.


Contact with the eyes also one risk a person should avoid since it can cause temporary blindness.

Using polyurethane spray insulation can be still be safe just as long as proper precautions are taken prior to use. Wear proper protective clothing for the body, goggles for the eyes and breathing protectors for nose and mouth. And always follow proper handling techniques indicated on the manufacturer’s label.