Using the Fan on an Air Conditioner

A window AC unit.

In the summer months, an air conditioner is an invaluable appliance to have. An air conditioner installed in your window can conveniently keep things cool. An air conditioner works by removing the heat and humidity from your room and replacing it with cool air.

The air conditioner is made up of two major parts. The condenser takes in the outside air and blows it onto the cooling coils which creates the colder air. As the cold is pushed into the room, it is also venting heat and humidity. The one problem that has always been inherent with air conditioners is that they use a lot of electricity and can drastically increase your utility bills.

An Alternative for Saving Energy

One way to cut back on the energy bill is to just use the fan option on the air conditioner. Many heating and cooling appliances with a fan option that, while still blowing warm or cool air, is not using the main power of the unit. By turning only the fan on in your air conditioner, you are still keeping things cooled off. However, since you are not using the refrigerant in the air conditioner, the effect is not comparable.

Mild Days Are for Fans

The fan moves the air around to keep it from being still and heavy. While there is a cooling feature to the fan, it is not really going to keep humidity low, or do much when the temperatures are up above 80 or 90 degrees. Use your fan on the milder days, or in the evenings when the temperatures do go down a little.

Spring Time Alternative

For instance, you will not need to use your air conditioner during the spring days. Depending on where you are in the country, you might need to use the cooling feature mid-afternoon, but then use the fan during the evening hours.

Install In-duct Fan

When you have a central air conditioner, it is a little harder to just use the fan. However, you do have an option that will not only help you save energy, but also give your air conditioner a boost. By installing an in-duct booster fan you give your central air conditioner a little more power to push the colder air into your rooms. However, you also have the option to just use the fans as an alternative.

Close the Area When Using a Fan

If you have ever used a window fan, you know that you must keep the room closed off. This is also true for the fan in your air conditioner. Close the door, shut air leaks in the window, and close curtains or shades to keep the sun from shining in. This will keep the air contained in the room and only have to cool off that air instead of circulating through the whole house.

Saving energy is a major concern today. Utilize the fan on your air conditioner during the milder days, and when the humidity is low. This way you still keep the air cooled a little while saving money on your utility bills.