Using the Guestroom for Extra Storage

Using a guestroom for extra storage makes sense, however, it's important that you leave the room functional and uncluttered. Keeping the floor uncluttered is the most important tip to remember when using the guestroom for extra storage.

Hide Items

Whenever possible, you should store items out of the way. For example, store them in the closet, under the bed or in a dresser. If you want to add a storage chest at the end of the bed, you can provide guests with a place to sit and double that space as storage. Remember to keep the room looking like a guestroom.

Use Flexible Organizers

Storage boxes are essential when using your guestroom as a place for extra storage. Flexible storage boxes make it easier to fit the items into corners or stack them tightly together in a closet. If you use the items some of the time, such as when you bring out your seasonal decorations, having boxes that collapse into a small space can prove to be helpful when you want to keep as much open space as possible in the room. Keep your focus on function and storage before you introduce anything to the room.