Using Tile Glaze to Make Repairs

colorful tiles with pattern designs
  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-40
What You'll Need
Tile glaze
Small brush

Tile glaze can help maintain and repair ceramic floors that are used heavily and have a lot of wear. In order to make repairs to your ceramic floor, you can use tile glaze and a small set of tools to fully repair and maintain the ceramic floor to its original state.

Cleaning the floor

The ceramic tile floors will need to be cleaned first. This will make it possible to have a smooth and even surface when you apply the glaze later. Clean the floor with a vacuum that does not have a roller because these will damage the floor. Or you can sweep the floor which will help loosen the dirt to make the floor cleaner. Once you have cleaned up all the dirt, use warm water and soap to mop. Be sure to remove any extra residue and mop at least three times. Dry the floor with a sponge or a rinsed out mop and let it stand until it is no longer wet and becomes dry.

Taping and Replacing

Use scotch tape to block off the surrounding areas where you do not want to include glaze. If there are broken, or extremely damaged tiles, you may want to consider removing and replacing them before you add the glaze.

To do this, use a chisel to remove the grout and then lift up the old tile and place it aside so you can clean out the debris of the whole you made from the tile. Add adhesive to the new tile and the floor and place it so it lines up with the other tiles. Let this dry for a day then you can use a knife to place in the new grout and let this sit for a day as well. When these are in place you are ready to begin the glaze to the floor.

Applying Glaze

You will first want to consider the type of glaze you will be using when applying it to the floor. For most purposes, you will want to use a clear glaze, but a colored glaze will work best if your ceramic floor has a unique color. Find the right glaze for your floor and use the paint roller or the brush to apply a small layer of it across the floor to seal in the cracks and chips from the damaged floor. Before you do this, make sure you open a window and wear a mask because the glaze may contain chemicals that can harm you.

The glaze will dry quickly so you will have to work fast in order to cover the entire floor. When the first layer is dry, you will want to add another coat for a strong finish. Adding a glaze to your floor covers up the cracks and chips and makes your floor stronger and nicer.