Using Your Lawn Mower to Edge Your Lawn

Pulling cord to start a lawn mower
What You'll Need
Push mower
4x4 post
Socket wrench

Did you know you can use your lawn mower for more than just cutting your grass? If you do not have a lawn edger, or a trimmer, you can use the lawn mower to edge your lawn. Keeping your grass at a consistent level, keeping it trimmed, and edging around the sidewalk and walkways, will help deter weeds and present a great looking lawn.

Lawn edging is something that a lot of people overlook. It is usually just the mowing of the lawn and trimming that is done. However, edging your lawn is also an important part of the process. While it's recommended to use an edger for your lawn, you can also use your lawn mower.

Step 1 - Realize What an Edger Does

What is a lawn edger and what does it do? A lawn edger is a simple tool you use to keep the grass around walkways, sidewalks, patios, and other boundaries cut down. You can also make a delineation mark between lawn and something else. It has a rotary wheel as a blade and stands vertical instead of horizontal, like a lawn mower. You walk behind it as you follow the boundary line. How does a lawn mower become an edger? Quite simply, it doesn't. But, you can do the work of an edger, somewhat, if you do not have one.

Step 2 - Mark Boundary Line

This is important. Since you are going to be using a lawn mower instead of a lawn edger you need to make definite boundary lines. Use a spade to go around the areas you will be edging to help see them better. If you hit the sidewalk, patio, or flower garden with your lawn mower you could damage the blades.

Step 3 - Sharpen Blade

removing lawn mower blade

Turn the lawn mower on its side and use a socket wrench to loosen the retaining bolt on the blade. Use a breaker bar if the nut is on tight. Remove the blade and set it in a vise with the blade tips pointing up. Run a file over them at a 30 to 40 degree angle to sharpen. After all the sides have been sharpened, return to the lawn mower and replace it.

Step 4 - Lower Blade Setting

Place the lawn mower blade to the lowest setting by using the lever adjustments near the wheels.

Step 5 - Follow Post

Starting at the beginning of your edging, lay the 4x4 post on the ground. Lay it parallel to the place that needs edging at a distance that is the width of the blade. You want the lawn mower blade to reach as far as the lawn edge. Simply push the lawn mower along the edging with two wheels on the post. Continue moving the post along the edge until it is completed.