Usual Features for a New Powder Room

If you are adding a new powder room to your home or perhaps you are having a home built, there are usual features all new powder rooms should have to be comfortable and pleasing.

Feature 1: Fixtures

All powder rooms will have, at a minimum and sink and a toilet. Some may also have a shower. When choosing these fixtures purchase the best you can afford because the quality varies greatly. With toilets you can choose between round or elongated shapes, high or low tank and also seat height. If your home has an elderly person or person with joint problems, a seat that is a bit higher should be installed.Some toilets are longer than others, so your actual space should also be taken into account. Designer toilets with floral designs and other designs fired into the porcelain are also available.

Actual toilet seats can be plain, padded and some are equipped with devices that keep them from slamming down. Be sure to get one shaped for the type of toilet you have purchased.

You will also need a sink in your powder room. There are many choices and sizes to consider when purchasing. You may want a wall mount, or if space is limited, a corner mount sink. There are smooth bowls, some that look like shells and also vessel sinks that sit upon a counter top and resemble a bowl. Your sink can also be a pedestal style or in a vanity with storage beneath it if space allows. Sinks and toilets can be purchased to match with designs fired into the glaze.

Feature 2: Hardware

Hardware, such as towel rods, soap dispensers and switch plate covers are usual features for a nicely appointed powder room. Take into consideration your decorating style and your other choices for the room. Ease of cleaning is another thought to keep in mind. You can decide between brass or brass look, stainless steel or chrome look, ceramic and combinations of all of these. Walk through your local home improvement center and look through decorator magazines to get ideas and inspiration.

Feature 3: Lighting

All powder rooms will need some sort of lighting. If you have natural light from a window, you may not need lighting that is as bright. Also take into consideration if people will be using the mirror to put on make-up or shave. This will require lighting around or above the mirror. If the powder room is a half bath, the lighting will be mostly for vision and ambiance. The light fixtures can be recessed and pretty much invisible or can be a decorating statement.

Feature 4: Mirror

All powder rooms should feature some sort of mirror. This can be a small mirror above the sink in a half bath or as elaborate as a large mirror above a double sink and vanity combination. Mirror can be plain, beveled, veined with gold or smoked.

A mirror can be combined with a medicine cabinet, or just a flat wall mirror. In a half bath powder room, many people like the look of an oval mirror or vintage mirror hung from ribbon.