Valentine's Day Gift DIY: Guinness Beer Soap in 9 Steps

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What You'll Need
1 bottle or can of Guinness beer
Glass or Pyrex bowl
3 bars pure, white soap
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Small baking pan
Wooden spoon
Measuring spoons
Pastry brush

Making soap can be a fairly simple project. You can use this process to create a fabulous Valentine gift for your favorite beer drinker -- Guinness Beer soap! The great thing about adding beer to a soap recipe is that it creates creamy, foamy bubbles when you lather up. And, the hops and amino acids are great for smoothing and soothing the skin. Depending on the size of your baking pan, you should be able to get several good-sized bars of soap out of this recipe using just a bottle or can of beer.

Step 1 - Get Your Beer to Room Temperature

If you purchased your beer at a room temperature, leave it on the counter and do not chill it. If your beer has been in the fridge, remove it and place it on the counter. Allow it sit long enough until it gets to room temperature.

Step 2 – Flatten the Beer

Open the bottle or can and pour the contents into a medium Pyrex glass bowl. Use a blender to mix the beer until it becomes flat. The recipe will not work if there is any carbonation at all in the beer so be sure that the liquid has been absolutely flattened. Allow the beer to sit for an hour or two uncovered so that the alcohol can evaporate from the liquid.

Step 3 – Cut the Soap Into Pieces

Unwrap each of the bars of pure, white soap.

Guinness soap

Use a kitchen knife to carefully cut the bars of soap into smaller pieces. Make sure the pieces are equally sized so that they will melt at the same rate. Place the pieces of cut soap into the glass Pyrex bowl along with the flat beer.

Step 4 – Melt the Soap and Beer Mixture

Place the bowl of soap and flat beer into the microwave. Heat the beer and soap mixture for about two minutes. Use a potholder to carefully remove the bowl from microwave and check the consistency of the mixture. Place the bowl back into the microwave and continue heating the beer and soap mixture, in two minute intervals, until it has a creamy texture.

Step 5 – Check the Texture of the Mixture

Use a potholder to carefully remove the mixture from the microwave. If the mixture becomes too dry, add a few drops of coconut oil to soften the consistency.

Step 6 – Add the Vanilla and Oils

Measure 1 teaspoon of vanilla and pour it into the soap mixture.

Guinness soap, vanillaAdd 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 5 tablespoons to the mixture. Use the whisk to completely combine all of the ingredients. Place the bowl back into the microwave and heat in short intervals until the texture is creamy again.

Step 7 – Pour the Mixture in a Pan

Lightly brush your baking pan with coconut oil. Pour the soap mixture into the pan leaving a small amount of space at the rim of the container. Allow the soap to set overnight.

Step 8 – Cut the Soap Into Bars

Once the soap is set, remove it from the baking pan. Use a knife to cut the large piece of soap into smaller bars., bri

photo by *bri*

Step 9 – Add the Final Touches

Here's where you can go crazy decorating your gift. You can use butcher’s block paper, wrapping paper, a basket, or gift bag to wrap them up. To make it extra special, include some beer to top it off!