Varieties Of French Marigolds

orange marigolds growing in the sun

Whether you want a big or small flower, French marigolds have got you covered. These beautiful flowers come in many shapes and sizes, and different hues of red, orange, and cream. Below are some of the most popular types of French marigolds.

Large-Flowered French Marigolds

Typically used for bedding plant or dividers, large-flowered French marigolds grow anywhere from twelve to sixteen inches.

You can expect them to grow as wide as they are tall. Be sure to space these plants at least eight inches apart. They may resemble large daisies. These flowers can grow up to two inches in diameter.

Dwarf French Marigolds

Dwarf French marigolds obviously, are smaller plants than the aforementioned flowers. You can expect your plant to grow no more than twelve inches. The actual flowers themselves grow around 1 ½ inches in length. There are several varieties of dwarf French marigolds.

They come in colors of orange, yellow and gold. The blooms themselves vary from single, crested, button or tufted. Certain varieties may even come in multiple colors. Yellow with brownish red markings is the most common.

You can expect these flowers to grow all the way into late fall. Flowering becomes light when the summer is at its hottest, so you may need to go through another planting.

Other Types

A few other types of French marigolds include both the Hero and Little Hero. The little hero typically grows to be about seven inches tall and grow big double carnation flowers. A hero will get to be about ten inches tall. Hero French marigolds will grow double carnations that are also quite large.

The Bonanza French Marigold is another double carnation flower. These flowers are quite compact and grow to be about eight inches tall. For a smaller plant, go with the Aurora French marigold, these plants grow to be an inch tall and produce anemone wide petal flowers.