Varieties of Japanese Maple Trees

If you are used to thinking of maples as being a part of the American or Canadian landscape you might be surprised to find there are many varieties of the Japanese maple tree.  In fact, there are over 125 species native to this part of Asia.  

How to choose the right variety for your own landscape

One of the greatest points of choosing a Japanese maple tree for your landscape is the variety of color, leaf type, and height of this versatile tree.  Along with the beauty, you also need to consider the space, the tree’s lighting needs as well as water, drainage and nutrient requirements.

Bamboo Leaf and Laceleaf Japanese Maples

Both trees have leaves that are narrow and saw-like.  Also known as Threadleaf Japanese Maple is a beautiful, but rare variety. The Bamboo Leaf grows a little bigger than the Laceleaf.     

The Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf Japanese Maple

Both of these trees usually stay under six feet and would do well in the yard or home without much space. The semi-dwarf especially is good for smaller spaces.

Variegated Japanese Maple

These are the trees to line walkways or plant near koi ponds. They have multicolored leaves of white, yellow and pink.  It grows best out of direct sun.  


Upright is a Japanese maple tree which can reach up to thirty feet or more.