Vegas Style Game Room Ideas - Lights, Games, & Decor

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Some great game room ideas can focus on a Vegas style theme that includes theme lighting as well as the games themselves. Many bar and restaurant supply stores carry various lines of merchandise that follow a casino or Vegas style theme. Doing a little research and establishing a working budget can get you a game room look that you’ve only seen at a commercial casino.


Besides neon lighting, which you can have fashioned as a sign over a bar or accent on a wall, Vegas style lighting includes other creative displays such as belt lighting and tape lighting.

Belt Lights

Are lights used to create a dramatic marquee-like display when looking to create a motion effect. They are great for creating distinct displays and can add an amusement park-like effect that.

Tape Lights

Are used as accent perimeter lighting around almost anything from mirrors along a bar back to doorway frames to illuminating a sign or poster. They can add a classy and elegant touch to a room.


Your choice of casino games will only be limited to the space you can allot. Decide which are the most popular for your use. Many need not be exactly copied – like a Blackjack table – unless, of course, you provide a house dealer across a U-shaped table to operate a game for your guests. However, consider all types of games including poker, roulette, dice and others. Again, many bar and restaurant supply stores carry casino style furniture and games like video poker and faux slot machines.

Check with recreation supply retailers offering pool tables and other related items to see if they also offer gaming tables, roulette wheels and other casino game accessories. Converted used pool tables can also double for roulette and craps tables as well. Some pool tables are sold with adaption attachments providing a casino game appearance, like a roulette table, where all you need do is add the wheel.

Your Décor

Everything from chrome and glitter to wall posters and lighting can be created to evoke the atmosphere of a Vegas casino. Consider an all-purpose, cleanable indoor-outdoor carpet for you flooring that is topped by comfortably padded chrome plated metal stools at various game table positions. Check online for the availability of entertainment posters that announce Vegas show headliners appearing now. Pub sets–pedestal tables of various designs in glass, metal or wood–accompanied by two chairs make great accents.

Use a few to produce a bistro-like effect. Include a karaoke machine for your bistro visitors to mimic their favorite Vegas stars. Evoke the feel of old time Vegas of the 50's by installing a retro-style bar table that has a kidney-shaped, tempered smoked glass top accompanied by two glass shelves to accommodate serving bottles. Add glass, see-through coasters for an extra elegant touch to your “patron” seating.

Check local auction houses or announcements where you may find items offered from a local casino that is conducting its own remodeling project. You may find some excellent bargains for yours.