Ventilation Exhaust Fans

Saving energy and money are very important factors in today’s society. By using ventilation exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms, or attic you will help remove heat and humidity, thus helping to lower high utility bills.

How ventilation exhaust fans work
There are two types of ventilation exhaust fans. The ducted type will send unwanted odors, grease vapor, smoke, and humidity to the exterior of your home or business through a duct. The non-ducted variety will filter the air through charcoal and release it back into a room. It is recommended to use ducted ventilation exhaust fans systems throughout the house to keep the interior air fresher and less humid.

Tips for ventilation exhaust fans
When installing a ventilation exhaust fan, you will need to consider the size of the room or house that you are ventilating. Obviously, a larger area requires a larger, stronger fan. When installing the duct, try to keep it the same diameter from end to end and minimize turns and angles. Diameter changes affect the build-up of grease, and every angle will affect the ventilation exhaust fans performance. Non-ducted exhaust fans can be easily installed in rooms where it is physically impossible to install a ducted system.